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30cm Length  Aluminium/Plastic

Essentials Knitting Needles are an economy brand.

Available in all sizes Essentials represent great value for money.

All prices shown are for 10 pairs per box unless stated otherwise on the product listings..

Stock will be supplied either under "Essentials" or "Apple".



2.75mm 2.75mm 30cm
2.75mm 30cm
3.00mm 3.00mm 30cm
3.00mm 30cm
3.25mm 3.25mm 30cm
3.25mm 30cm
3.75mm 3.75mm 30cm
3.75mm 30cm
4.00mm 4.00mm 30cm
4.00mm 30cm
4.50mm 4.50mm 30cm
4.50mm 30cm
5.00mm 5.00mm 30cm
5.00mm 30cm
5.50mm 5.50mm 30cm
5.50mm 30cm
6.00mm 6.00mm 30cm
6.00mm 30cm
6.50mm 6.50mm 30cm
6.50mm 30cm
7.00mm 7.00mm 30cm
7.00mm 30cm
7.50mm 7.50mm 30cm
7.50mm 30cm
8.00mm 8.00mm 30cm
8.00mm 30cm
9.00mm 9.00mm 30cm
9.00mm 30cm
10.00mm 10.00mm 30cm
10.00mm 30cm
12.00mm 12.00mm 30cm (boxed 5)
12.00mm 30cm (boxed 5)
15.00mm 15.00mm 30cm (boxed 5)
15.00mm 30cm (boxed 5)



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